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David & Goliath

How a New Practice outranked Fredericksburg's Biggest Chiropractors

Learn the 4 Steps that Achieved these Incredible Results:

  • Ranking at the top of Google for “chiropractor Fredericksburg VA”
  • Increased Google website traffic by 55%
  • Increased Maps phone calls my 527%

Have you ever met someone who was just impossible not to like?

That’s Dr. JP. He is one of the most genuine chiropractors (and overall people) I’ve ever met.

But in this case study, he’s David.

JP discovered chiropractic at the age of 23 when his back hit the water and he felt a big pop. One 10-foot dive off a platform and an awkward landing were all it took to completely immobilize JP for three days…

Clearing the Canopy

Climbing to the Top of the Puget Sound Tree Care Industry

When you plant a tree, you clear out the brush…right?

Otherwise, the brushes roots will limit its growth and starve it of nutrients.

Well, that’s what Jim and Susan Fay needed to happen in “Google orchard” of tree services in the Puget Sound area north of Seattle.  

You see, Jim is a 4th generation logger whose family has been in the tree business for over a century. The man knows his timber, he’s the equivalent of a  Giant Sequoia Tree in the Puget Sound tree care industry, rooted deeply in the community…but was unfortunately surrounded by a forest of sapling-level businesses. He needed a new tool to clear them out…