David & Goliath

How a New Practice outranked Fredericksburg's Biggest Chiropractors


Learn the 4 Steps that Achieved these Incredible Results:

  • Ranking at the top of Google for “chiropractor Fredericksburg VA”
  • Increased Google website traffic by 55%
  • Increased Maps phone calls by 527%

Have you ever met someone who was just impossible not to like?

That’s Dr. JP. He is one of the most genuine chiropractors (and overall people) I’ve ever met.

But in this case study, he’s David.

JP discovered chiropractic at the age of 23 when his back hit the water and he felt a big pop. One 10-foot dive off a platform and an awkward landing were all it took to completely immobilize JP for three days. Pain pills and muscle relaxers couldn’t do anything to dull his pain. It was then that he made his first visit to a chiropractor and decided that he would make the practice his life’s work.

In 2018, JP moved from Los Angeles to the much smaller city of Fredericksburg, Virginia to found Hands of Hope Chiropractic & Wellness Center. He had the vision of growing a practice where he could exercise care for both the mind and body.


But what makes him David?

Fredericksburg already had well-established chiropractors with big, successful offices; a few of which had been there for 20+ years. They had huge huge bases of patients that gave them constant referrals. For JP, being small and new, these practices were a formidable Goliath.

But that didn’t deter Dr. JP. He opened his small but welcoming office off Lafayette Boulevard and proceeded to get to work building a base of patients.

In late 2018, if you had searched for “chiropractors in Fredericksburg VA”, Hands of Hope wouldn’t have shown up until you scrolled to the very bottom of the 3rd page of Google.

When is the last time you clicked all the way back to the 3rd page of a search?

Needless to say, Hands of Hope Chiropractic needed a way to be exposed to new patients. In January of 2019, JP connected with the Rank First Marketing team. We spent almost a week dissecting his website and those of his competitors. After some deliberation, we brought forward an ambitious plan – a plan to outrank Goliath.



The Hands of Hope website didn’t have much on it. The home page had a paragraph or two, while the rest of the site consisted of 2-3 other pages.

Here’s the problem with that:

According to a study done by serpIQ: longer, more in-depth content makes a page more likely to rank in Google. More content also gives expanded real estate to place keywords and keyword variants.

To fix this problem, we helped JP better tell his story and include more information on chiropractic care.


On January 1st 2019, Hands of Hope had 3 referring domains. For those of us that aren’t familiar with tech speak, that means that only 3 websites were linking to JP’s site.

Quality backlinks from reputable sites are known to be one of Google’s most direct ranking factors. They act as tiny votes, determining which website is most trustworthy and deserving of ranking highly.

Over the course of a year, we acquired over 200 backlinks from more than 150 websites – includingwell-known blogs, directories, and other business sites.All of these links were pointed to various pages on the Hands of Hope website, driving up the domain’s authority.


Blog posts can be a big part of an SEO campaign. If researched and written correctly, blog posts can themselves rank for keywords – driving traffic to your site and collecting natural links over time.

BONUS: If written about local topics, they can also help Google My Business (Google Maps) rankings improve.

Because Hands of Hope had never blogged, we had one of our writers syndicate 1-2 blog posts per month for the website, focusing on targeted keywords that we considered to be low-hanging fruit.


Everyone knows that more positive reviews will help them grow their business. But many business owners don’t realize that Google My Business reviews will also improve Maps rankings.

Getting David more reviews than Goliath was a challenge because some of these long-standing practices already had decades worth of reviews accumulated. One of JP’s top-ranking competitors had 40+ 5-star reviews, while JP had less than 10.

Our team recognized a unique opportunity to overtake these competitors when we realized just how excited and loyal Hands of Hope patients are. They all love being treated by JP, and they are enthusiastic about sharing it. With some consistent in-person asking and text follow ups, JP got his reviews to start quickly rising. As of now (May 2020) Hands of Hope Chiropractic has 50 positive reviews!

Goliath? He’s got 48.


Progress was NOT overnight. It took consistent work, climbing up from the bottom of Page 3. But within 9-months, Hands of Hope had begun consistently beating those major competitors in Google searches – both in the website section and in the maps section.

Over the last 6-month period, Hands of Hope has seen a 55% increase in website visitors from the previous 6-months.

But that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Far more impressive is the amount of phone calls Hands of Hope started receiving from Google Maps clicks: a whopping 527% increase in calls over a 6-month period.

David has stood up to Goliath and come out on top!

After just a few years of operation, Dr. JP’s Hands of Hope Chiropractic & Wellness Center is one of the most well-known practices in Fredericksburg.

COVID-19 hit Hands of Hope in March 2020 like it did every other business. But it hasn’t slowed JP down. After some adjusting of services for safety, Hands of Hope reopened its doors, and business quickly got back to booming.

What’s next for Dr. JP and Hands of Hope?

JP has an energized vision of the future. He’s currently working with engineers to design a brand-new office. It will be a big improvement from his current small (but cozy) building. He’s excited to improve the flow of his practice and help even more of the Fredericksburg community – for many years to come!

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